Mobile Adoption

Mobile Adoption

Mobile Adoption& The Four Industries Leading the Way

With the mobile revolution of the past decade, more and more of the global population has access to the Internet through smartphones and mobile devices. Not only has the widespread adoption of mobile allowed for businesses to reach consumers more easily than ever, but it has created a genuine need for marketers and business to adopt various online technologies to meet the growing needs of these consumers.

Apps, forums and platforms are all used by many industries to streamline their sales funnels and generate profits like never before. With any new technology, certain segments and industries will become the early adopters of these emerging technologies, and lead the way forward and into the future. According to data found on <a href=”“>Websitebuilder</a>, the mobile revolution is here, and these industries are leading the way through mobile adoption.




Leading the way to the mobile revolution, and adopting the technologies that drive it, is the restaurant and food service industry. Many companies have turned to mobile marketing campaigns, like apps, coupon and loyalty programs. Over 88% of restaurants and food chains have adopted mobile into their sales funnels. A great example of this is Domino’s Pizza.

Domino’s pizza employs the use of SMS text messages and mobile apps to make ordering a, daily special, pizza easier than ever. Customers are reminded of ongoing sales & promotions through SMS. The Domino’s app allows for a customer to order, track and pay for their meals, directly from their mobile devices.


Travel & Hospitality


The travel industry has the second highest adoption rate of mobile technology. Sitting at 85%, travel and hospitality products and services trail closely behind restaurants when it comes to mobile adoption. A recent study concluded that 51% of travelers use mobile to get travel information. Companies like Expedia and Travelocity all use apps to streamline the booking and payment processes. Also, companies like Trip Advisor have risen to be a live and active place for customers to leave reviews and ratings, helping others choose services and products while avoiding ones that may not be up to their standards.


Media & Entertainment


The media and entertainment industry has an 80% adoption rate to mobile. Companies like radio stations, magazines and even streaming services have made heavy inroads to the mobile industry. These days, apps downloaded to your mobile can help you keep up with entertainment news, watch your favorite show or stream your favorite recording artist.




The transportation industry has seen a huge adoption of mobile tech in recent years. The industry as a whole has a 79% adoption rate to mobile. Companies like Uber or Pick-me have emerged to allow simple ride sharing and geomapped taxi services to be available at the push of a button on a mobile device. These companies, in some cases, have revolutionized the taxi industry given consumers more choice and a simple platform to order and pay for services.



Many other industries are moving to mobile site adoption. Though these are some of the early adopters of the mobile revolution, many other segments are not far behind. These particular industries just seem to have a head start and are leading the way in mobile adoption and the marketing that drives it.“>104 Facts You Don’t Know About Mobile Marketing</a>